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Look Ma Look, I Got a New QR Code!

February 5th, 2013 by Arik Brooks

Would you describe your product or service as confusing or difficult to use? I doubt if that is what you would want to do, and it is certainly NOT what your customers would want. So, why would the use of newer technology, namely the use of QR codes, be any different?

If you are using a QR code to serve up web-based content without a mobile optimized presence, I beg you to stop. The content of a QR code is almost exclusively accessed on a smartphone. This means much smaller screen sizes and much less visual real estate. So, if someone scans a QR code and has to zoom in to see your website, or in many cases your website does not work at all, you are making a potential customer's experience difficult.

This person is not going to engage. Instead, this person is going to exit the page, and there goes that opportunity. Just because you can technically do something doesn't mean that you always should. Instead, invest in a mobile optimized website or web app, then revisit the QR code strategy. But until that is done, all you are doing is wasting a potential customer's time, aggravating this person, and wasting a potentially golden opportunity.

See the difference?

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